OffRoad Jeep Adventure 2016 – HD Android Gameplay – Off-road games – Full HD Video (1080p)

OffRoad Jeep Adventure 2016 – HD Android Gameplay – Off-road games – Full HD Video (1080p)

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I play the game with Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and record in Full HD Video (1080p), if the game supports!
Intro/Outro music: Space Frog Feat. Grim Reaper – Follow Me (beatqueche Remix)
Intro/Outro video: TopFreeTemplates + LG RYAN H. + AGTMG
OffRoad Jeep Adventure 2016 – xtremegamestudio

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Game Description:

Explore challenging off-road hurdles with endless fun and real driving sensations with offroad jeep adventure 2016
Off road jeep adventure 2016 is a racing simulator with an exciting rush to grab feeling of thrill and driving tricky hill climb, steering off-road routes and experience the adventure of driving a hummer on hill portions.
Select your preferred jeep; drive it through a strong 3D unknown but exhilarating landscape. There are 15 levels, each has its own difficulties and hours of unlimited fun with 3D designed Hummers, Pickups and Rang Rovers.
With offroad jeep adventure 2016 you can clutch Hilly isle, select a car, brake or toss as per your directions, drive through water and thump into hills with a heavy hummer tyre. Go up a high hill, compete bumpy variety; get over challenging muddy off-road areas without trapping in a strain trench.

Offroad jeep adventure 2016 features:
• Amazing 3D graphics design bringing reality in game
• Exciting 4×4 jeeps like Hummer, RangeRover, Pickups embellished with catchy colors
• Inner car structure animations giving real off-road driving sensations
• Different camera angles to play game with multiple diversions and variety
• 3D designed Tricky muddy offroad tracks
• Time restrictions for more excitement
• Steering feature helps player griping a route
• Checkpoints to let user follow track accurately
• Tilt and touch control to make game more near to real
• Brake control for controlled game play
• Amazing and engaging graphical user interface
• Compatible with all types of android smart phones
• Easy to install and free to play
• Locked car models available after completing specific levels
• Thrilling sounds

How to Play:
• Off-road jeep adventure 2016 has15 excitingly tricky levels engaging player in hill climb, muddy off-road tracks designed in latest 3D graphic technology.
• Select hummer or jeep from menu.
• Finish the lap in a fixed time using brake, accelerator, jumping, and navigation sign. Use different camera angles and choose your best view to play.
• Tilt your smartphone or use arrow keys to move left or right to cross off-road tracks.
• Follow check points to remain consistent on tracks.
• Use 4×4 button to boost up power of your jeep on the steep tracks
• Use right up arrow button as accelerator and down arrow button to reverse
• Select level or use back button to play back any crossed level

Good luck with the exciting off-road racing simulator on your smart phone!


OffRoad Jeep Adventure 2016 - HD Android Gameplay - Off-road games - Full HD Video (1080p) More Full HD Android Gameplays:

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