Rock Gods Tap Tour – HD Android Gameplay – Arcade games – Full HD Video (1080p)

Rock Gods Tap Tour – HD Android Gameplay – Arcade games – Full HD Video (1080p)

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I play the game with Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet and record in Full HD Video (1080p), if the game supports!
Intro/Outro music: Space Frog Feat. Grim Reaper – Follow Me (beatqueche Remix)
Intro/Outro video: TopFreeTemplates + LG RYAN H. + AGTMG

Rock Gods Tap Tour – Ubisoft Entertainment

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Game Description:

Are you ROCK enough?

The ancient Gods of Rock just challenged you to an EPIC Battle of the Bands! What鈥檚 your play?
Is it to gather up heroes, form a super group rock band and ROCK THEIR FACES OFF? It is!?! Nice.

ROCK GODS: TAP TOUR is a tapping game unlike any other. Tour the world, battle deadly monsters, unlock your ultimate power and ROCK the Gods themselves!

路 TAP to rock your super-charged guitar!
路 THRASH different Gods including Athena, Hades and Zeus himself. The Zeus is LOOSE!
路 DOMINATE different monster posers like Medusa, Cyclops, Minotaurs and more!
路 TRAVEL to gorgeous tour destination like the Elysian Fields, River Styx and even Mount Olympus!
路 UNLOCK headbands, outfits and instruments to hone your look and leave the fans screaming!
路 EARN cash, fans, power-ups and more! Always be earnin鈥! Earn all the things!

It鈥檚 time to rock 鈥榚m all, and let the Gods sort them out. Get tappin鈥, hero!


Rock Gods Tap Tour - Ubisoft Entertainment - AGTMG HD Gameplay

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